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DIY 6ft Swing Bed for the Beginner to Intermediate Wood Worker

DIY 6ft Swing Bed for the Beginner to Intermediate Wood Worker

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This step by step, detailed plan is for Beginners to Intermediate wood workers. Within the plan, it covers the material cuts and assembly in a step by step manner. All hardware used to coplete the project is listed in detail with helpful links to purchase from Amazon. You can also use the discriptions to purchase from your local big box stores. 

For the Beginner: Easy step by step instruction to include photos, diagrams and all measurements. We also include links to Youtube videos for learning, training, and instructions in techniques used, to complete the project. This plan cuts many hours from your project and everything you need is at your fingertips. 

For the Intermediate: For the expeienced woodworker, simply refer to the provided diagrams, make your cuts, and assemble. Quick reference for the hardware is also provided with no need for lookup and purchase. 

These plans can be used for yourself as a project, or you can build from the plans and sale your final product with NO LIMITATIONS! THE PLANS ITSELF CAN NOT BE SOLD WITHOUT THE WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE OWNER. 

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