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Bryants Woodwork

Personalized Recipe Heirloom Cutting Board (15" long by 7" wide)

Personalized Recipe Heirloom Cutting Board (15" long by 7" wide)

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Preserve and Commemorate that special recipe handed down generation to generation by transferring it to a wooden cutting board. We take the handwritten recipe and transfer it permanently onto a wooden cutting board that can be easily accessible, and highly visible in your home and kitchen. Showcase your favorite recipe for all to see and appreciate. 

Simply scan or photograph your written recipe and reply to an email that will be sent after purchase. We then take the handwritten piece, visibly enhance it, and then engrave it to the cutting board, maintaining it's original look

NOTE: Please make sure that all letters are visible and can be clearly seen. Try to avoid shadows. Wrinkles in old recipes can remain if desired to maintain the authentic look. 

Cutting boards may vary based on stock; however, it will look the same as the photos provided, with only difference being texture. 

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